Inauguration of works in PIADY


Reaching expectations from a wide perceptive audience, we’re pleased to announce the preparing and pre-opening fase of the Yaguachi’s Industrial Park of Storage and Distribution - PIADY(Acronym in Spanish).

We invite general public to participate with the starting ceremony where will be put on ground the first stone of the project conceived as the new pole of development for a new industrial age, that will become, like media criticism said, the impulse of the economy and commerce to Yaguachi, Guayaquil and why not to say the whole country.

The event is going to be held at PIADY’s terrains, located in a privileged area, exactly 11.5km from Duran (National Unity Bridge) and 11.5 of PAN (Alternate North Bridge) on December 18th/2014 at 11:00.

Come and witness how the writing of a new history for our country starts.

Ingreso piady

Inaguration of the PIADY premises


The premises of the PIADY located on the ground floor of the Trade Building, at the Samsung Plaza, next to Mall del Sol square opened in Guayaquil were inaugurated . In the presence of executives, developers, partners and special guests, the Manager of the project gave a few words and made a toast that gave the passage to the official opening to the public of this comfortable venue for direct care clients with expert business advice. This event officially starts the sale of lots in the PIADY and a new concept to serve the productive sector to a modern platform for industrial development and a more efficient future.


Growing corporate interest to promote the productive matrix change


In the prospect of diversifying and generating higher added – value in domestic production to promote the transformation of the productive matrix, the Minister of industries and productivity, Ramiro González, toured three companies on his visit to the main port.

Together with the Vice President of Electrocables S. A, Nassib Neme, this portfolio of State Secretary met the production processes and quality standards in the manufacture of electrical conductors and enameled wires which, since 1992, are exported to markets in the Caribbean and South America. In addition, during the tour Neme exhibited the technology and investment the company has made in the last five years.

Technical visits, ministerial authorities, are part of the objective of promoting the production and productivity of large, medium and small enterprises, and sustainable way for the manufacture of Ecuadorian products with technology and national human talent, for programmatic import substitution and the improvement of the trade balance.

At the Industrial Park of collection and distribution, Piady, located in the canton Yaguachi, Sara Hungría, its General Manager, presented Gonzalez the operating scheme and the advantages of this industrial infrastructure. Hungria said that thanks to this investment and confidence in the national Government, today the province of Guayas has this important node of logistical support and tax incentives for the development and growth of the industries of the region and the country.

On the 20th of November, during the afternoon, the Minister González visited the facilities of the industry Pica, INDUSTRIA PICA and PLASTICOS INDUSTRIALES C.A. Jose Anton, President of the company, noted that its production, in addition to supply 100 percent of the domestic market, exports to all Latin America. Founded in 1961 pica generates approximately 1000 direct jobs . For its part, the highest representative of the Ministry of industries said that thanks to the agreement signed with the Ecuadorian Association of plastics, Aseplas, will be established public policies and mechanisms for the protection of incentives to expand the productive sector offerings.

To give closure to that day, Gonzalez toured the company Audioelec S. A. The Ecuadorian Assembly for audio and video which produces daily an approximate of 1440 televisions online. Antonio Haz, General Manager said that the company is a Partner in Ecuador certified by the Sony multinational.

Np gye

Competitive Ecuador


The impressive and accelerated development of Ecuador is being internationally recognized by important economic analysts. This unprecedented progress has meant to the country climbing 36 points in the world ranking of competitiveness conducted by the "World Economic Forum". The stability and the Ecuadorian Government, marked by the vision and leadership of President Rafael Correa Delgado, an evidence of an economic phenomenon that today many are referred to as "the Ecuadoran miracle". Investment in health and education are certainly the main factors in the recent improvement of the quality of life of Ecuadorians, but the Government of President Correa's vision is more ambitious and aims to a developing deeper and sustainable based on human talent and technological innovation.

Planning and national reorganization implemented by the central Government has allowed to canalize efficiently the strong investment in roads, bridges, airports and many other built infrastructure projects. This reached connectivity is a road revolution that along with the development of the petrochemical industry, eight hydroelectric power plants simultaneously and other projects that are added to the change of the energy matrix, discover an ideal scenario for the growth of the Ecuadorian industry. Everything indicates that the Ecuador has begun a vertiginous journey into the transformation of its productive matrix that is driven by national Government policy of continuous development of infrastructure public and incentives for productive investment that invites the national and foreign private investment.


Logo wef

Recognition by G.A.D Yaguachi


The San Jacinto de Yaguachi decentralized autonomous Government granted recognition to the investors and promoters of the Piady during the solemn session by 130 years of stealthy cantonization of Yaguachi. The highest authority of the canton, the Mayor Daniel Avecillas, recognized the work of the investors and promoters of the Piady through a public recognition which awarded commemorative plaques project representatives who attended the event.

The solemn session was held at the new and modern municipal headquarters, which opened with filled house its new Auditorium with the presence of the cantonal Council, provincial authorities and important guests. In the intervention the Mayor gave accountability of all his acts among which he stood out important works and milestones that are leading dynamic development that evidence Yaguachi today , among which the Urban planning and infrastructure have been instrumental with the leadership of Mayor Avecillas, and this invites for more investment and development projects such as the Piady.